In the heat of the afternoon, especially this past month of Ramadan, downtown Tunis plays dead. Offices and shops close at 2 p.m. and life is suspended as everyone, parched and hungry, waits for sunset and the breaking of the fast. On a side street behind the Interior Ministry, the only movement is the occasional rumble of a tram, the only sound the trill of its bell warning pedestrians to step off the tracks.

The majority of youth from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen - countries that went through a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that began in December 2010 - feel disenfranchised from the political process in their country, a poll conducted by Al Jazeera Studies Centre has revealed. The study, published on Monday, also found that most of the 8,045 of women and men aged 17 to 31 surveyed from the four so-called "Arab Spring" nations, did not believe that their recently elected parliaments represented them.

The Arab Spring was not about creating utopia, nor indeed quick-fix solutions to anything in particular. It was about articulating the massive problems holding the Arab world back, and putting them out to a global audience.

Officials from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia working on higher education reform will exchange experiences with Malaysian counterparts at a 4-day workshop beginning today, supported by the World Bank and the British Council Malaysia.

Seventeen women from six Arab countries discussed challenges and new trends in diplomacy during a weeklong seminar organized by the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry in association with leading research center The Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI).

His spectacular images of the nighttime sky framed by Intermountain West scenery are breathtaking, and soon, photos by Bret Webster of Bountiful will be featured in the U.S. embassy in Tunisia. As part of the ARTS in Embassies program, his photographs are fostering U.S. relations within local communities worldwide.

Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance visited his Tunisian counterpart on Sunday. The Iranian minister said that Iran is ready to cooperate with Tunisia for translating precious Iranian works into Arabic.

The Maltese Embassy in Tunisia is also committed to enhance relations between Malta and Tunisia through cultural diplomacy and humanitarian assistance, amongst others. The embassy’s political work is currently focused on the holding of the Annual Maltese-Tunisian Mixed Commission meeting which this year is due to be held in Tunisia.