Tunisia plans to enhance trade with Brazil, but it also hopes for cooperation from Brazilians to address unemployment among its youth. The goal is to harness Brazil’s experience in startup businesses and technical education.

In an attempt to enrich relationships between Egypt and Tunisia, the Ministry of Youth and Sports organised a cultural exchange between groups of youth in both countries under the title: “The Egyptian-Tunisian brotherhood week.” Starting in September, the Tunisian group travelled to Egypt for a week to learn about Egyptian heritage and culture. By visiting the most famous touristic places, the group was able to see a glorified picture of Egypt.

As Turkey expands its international clout, the country looks to boost its development aid around the world. The state-run Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) leads efforts in this field. The agency recently released a report on its 2015 activities and shows Tunisia, where the agency runs several development projects, was the biggest recipient of TİKA aid with $44.7 million.

Over the long term, it will be crucial to turn off the IS recruiting faucet. Doing so will require counterterrorism officials to better understand that that the “snuff videos” for which IS has become so well-known are not the principal enlistment tools. Rather than “come kill,” the strongest message is “come build the caliphate.”

Islamic State flag

Philip Seib cautions against unfounded optimism about the decline of IS.

The ten most notable PD moments from 2015.

As Algerian leaders sought to consolidate their rule after crushing the decade-long Islamist insurgency, counterterrorism became a key piece of Algeria’s efforts at reengaging with the outside world. [...] Algeria’s leaders appear more prepared to pursue their security targets and promote regime sustainability through collaboration with regional militaries that share their goals.