The group, led by former U.S. envoy to the United Nations for management and reform issues Mark Wallace, as well as former Homeland Security Advisor Fran Townsend, former Sen. Joe Lieberman, and others, is hosting a summit on Monday that “will draw more than 100 youth activists and government officials to New York City from dozens of countries,” it says. The efforts are aimed at preventing young people from being lured into extremist ideology, particularly on the Internet.

The government has launched a Twitter account to specifically counter social media propaganda by Islamic State. UK Against Isil, which was launched on Thursday by the Foreign Office, aims to provide “updates on the UK government’s ongoing work to defeat Isil [Isis]”.

The future of Twitter is really the future of the global town square—an answer to the question of whether social media can really offer a friction-less, unfiltered forum for real-time conversation across countries and cultures, or whether those conversations will increasingly occur less visibly and more narrowly. 

More than 60 actors took part in Homer's Iliad which tells part of the story of the Trojan War. The performance started at the British Museum and finished at the Almeida Theatre. [...] For people just wanting a snapshot of the epic, @IliadLive tweeted the salient points of the poem in 399 tweets, the final being: "ILIAD UPDATE: it's finished. #iliad."

Web giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter have joined forces with a British charity in a bid to remove millions of indecent child images from the net. In a UK first, anti-abuse organization Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has begun sharing lists of indecent images, identified by unique "hash" codes. Wider use of the photo-tagging system could be a "game changer" in the fight against pedophiles, the charity said.

Done well, digital diplomacy ought to be the use of technology to deliver soft power and public policy messages, alongside the ability to engage with wider audiences of both state and non-state actors and use that feedback loop to understand more and to deliver better policy.

With Iran and world powers close to a nuclear deal, Israel's prime minister has launched a Twitter account in Farsi to reach out to the Iranian public. [...] Netanyahu's office said Monday that the Farsi account will publish content similar to Netanyahu's English and Hebrew accounts to engage directly with the Iranian people.

It's India's latest social media battle cry: #DespiteBeingAWoman erupted on Twitter today after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the phrase while talking about the female prime minister of Bangladesh. Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina was Modi's host this weekend when the two countries ratified a historic boundary agreement, doing what nations rarely do, swapping territory to settle a four decades old boundary dispute.