This second stage of reform includes a reboot of the priorities of the ministry and its personnel, the implementation of modern approaches to personnel management, improvement of consulates' work, and the adoption of a new edition of the law on diplomatic service. In addition, Betsa said that the ministry had announced the launch of a new focus public diplomacy, with cultural diplomacy included.

The 2014 Deepavali celebration in New York City

CPD Research Fellow Deborah Trent on the Indian diaspora in the U.S. and its role in PPPs

The memorial project builds on the landmark work of French Catholic priest and Georgetown University adjunct professor Patrick Desbois, whose organization, Yahad — in Unum (which translates as Together — In One), has found more than 1,600 Jewish mass graves in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Romania, Moldova and Lithuania, and interviewed over 4,000 witnesses to the Holocaust.

Is it time to redraw the world's fashion map? Cities like London, Paris, New York and Milan have sustained their status as leading world fashion capitals for more than half a century.

European powers struggling to hold together a stalled Ukrainian peace accord will resume talks with Russia and Ukraine in Germany next week as efforts shift from the battlefield to solving political disputes.  European Union leaders say easing economic sanctions on Russia requires full compliance with the agreement negotiated in Belarus in February.

Fake news stories. Doctored photographs. Staged TV clips. Armies of paid trolls. Has Putin’s Russia developed a new kind of information warfare – fought in the ‘psychosphere’ rather than on the battlefield? Or is it all just a giant bluff?

Since the beginning of the year, the small autonomous area of Gagauzia in southern Moldova has become an improbably important focus of Russian foreign policy.