Some European leaders are in a full court press to oppose Washington’s potential plan to give lethal aid to the Ukrainian military. The problem is, there has been no decision in Washington, and the Europeans may be fighting against a plan that U.S. President Barack Obama will never approve anyway.

The leaders of France and Germany were carrying a new peace initiative to the Ukrainian and Russian capitals Thursday, amid a flurry of high-level diplomacy to end what French President Francois Hollande called a war on Europe's edge.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has terminated the activities of the Russian organization Gorchakov Fund for Support of Public Diplomacy, which was conducting open, anti-Ukrainian propaganda among Ukrainian students, an adviser to the SBU chief, Markiyan Lubkivsky, has said.

After decades as a career diplomat, Ambassador Y.J. Choi of South Korea wanted to find the root of the difference between Eastern and Western societies. 

A pro-Putin rally near the Kremlin, 2012.

Michael Ardaiolo takes stock of the current state of public diplomacy.

Despite the widespread adoption of digital diplomacy, few studies have investigated how governments use SNS in order to frame foreign countries and themselves. Self-framing is practiced by countries as part of nation branding activities. 

Manor & Segev's study on self-framing by Russia, Iran and the U.S. in Social Networking Sites

According to the American-born filmmaker and writer, Ukraine is just the latest country in a long list to fall prey to “America’s soft power technique called ‘Regime Change 101.'"