united arab emirates

Two schools will open branches in Dubai with a combined enrolment capacity of up to 4,000 students. [...] The Centre of Excellence for Arabic Language, Culture and the Arts located on the same campus, will be dedicated to the development of intra-cultural exchange, facilitate both teacher and student development, as well as promote a deeper understanding of the rich Arabic history and traditions.

November 2, 2016

The 21st century, however, belongs to Football 3.0 (the Asian era). Over the last decade, football has been in the midst of a shift eastwards. Countries including Qatar and states of the United Arab Emirates have built extensive sponsorship portfolios in the West, acquired overseas clubs, and successfully bid to host international tournaments. More recently, China has increased the pace of world football’s ‘Asianisation’.

Dubai Cares also launched a new community awareness and fundraising campaign, known as #LastILearned, in support of its Education in Emergencies strategy. The campaign will run for one month and aims to raise funds and build awareness of the plight of children affected by conflict and natural disasters. Education is a fundamental right of every child. 

The day-long interactive session was organised by the CDA on ‘National Identity in UAE’ at Al Rashidya Majlis on Oct.8 with a group of 25 female teachers from different Pakistani schools in the UAE. “Gatherings with different nationalities on national identities are being held for many years and from this year we decided to discuss and share the similarities of local cultures.

Dubai’s leading entities are joining forces to stage an event in China highlighting the city as a global gateway offering the world’s largest exporter opportunities for economic development and cultural exchange. [...] will celebrate the thriving bilateral relationship and create connections for future mutual growth.

At a time when Islamic State militants around the world have sledgehammered antiquities, French President François Holland helped launch a cultural heritage initiative at the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting. [...] The French President announced the creation of a $100 million public/private fund, with the United Arab Emirates, to safeguard endangered cultural heritage sites. 

Abu Dhabi will be the site of a high-level international summit [...] The event will explore how new technologies are changing the very nature of culture and cultural interactions worldwide with major consequences for education, our economies, politics and virtually every other dimension of our lives.

For Nairobi’s commuters, summer has brought more woes than usual. [...] there has been an almost weekly shutdown as foreign VIPs fly in. [...] an increasing number are from the Middle East, their visits underlining a dramatic twist in the centuries-old battle between foreign powers for influence, trade, resources and military assets in a strategically sensitive part of the world.