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The Philippines is strengthening its ties with the UAE and this time around, they want the bonding to happen in the kitchen. To promote their cuisine among Emiratis and other UAE residents, the Philippine Consulate recently donated Filipino cookbooks to the Dubai Public Library [...] "The distribution of cookbooks showcasing Filipino cuisine is part of our efforts to further bring together the UAE and the Filipino expat community," 

Diplomacy students from the UAE gained hands-on experience on a recent visit to the UAE Embassy in Washington DC, the UAE consulate and the UAE mission to the United Nations in New York. The one-week training programme, run by the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, aimed to broaden the students’ diplomatic knowledge by educating them about the partnerships between the UAE and the US in foreign affairs, business, and medical science.

The United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced an agreement Sunday that would allow the two nations to collaborate on matters of space and aeronautics research, including the potential journey to Mars. [...] The two countries also announced that they would collaborate on education and public outreach.

The UAE's connectivity, world-class infrastructure and diverse locations have set it apart as a leading movie production destination, and the country is playing an increasingly important role as a key part of the production value chain. It offers a competitive advantage to production companies with unique and diverse locations.

The UAE has prospered, and it wants to heal the world through acts of generosity. Humanitarian projects and aid will reach 130 million people through the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives which brings together of 28 organisations focusing on fighting poverty, spreading knowledge and culture, empowering the community, and driving innovation. The foundation will implement over 1,400 human development programmes in more than 116 countries around the world, said our report.

Past Forward: Contemporary Art from the Emirates looks to bridge cultural divides by recreating the tapestry of life in the relatively young country situated along the Persian Gulf through more than fifty pieces of artwork. 

Restaurant lovers can also indulge in their dining experiences by exploring the new line up of food kiosks and food vendors, offering visitors a multi-cultural and multinational food experience. 

Over 600 high school and undergraduate students attended the Model United Nations (AUSMUN) conference at the American University of Sharjah last week. The three-day conference, now in its ninth year, allowed student delegates to simulate the various United Nations committees and develop a sound understanding of international relations and diplomacy.