Because of the United States’ predominant role in geopolitics and global economics, foreign governments and their citizens scrutinize the candidates and their positions, which can hint at future American policies. The campaign also acts as a snapshot of American democracy. According to political scientist Joseph Nye, America’s soft power – its ability to persuade foreign leaders and exert influence abroad – partly depends on how the rest of world interprets our political process, values and outcomes.

While the days of its worst behavior are long behind it, the United States does have a well-documented history of interfering and sometimes interrupting the workings of democracies elsewhere. It has occupied and intervened militarily in a whole swath of countries in the Caribbean and Latin America and fomented coups against democratically elected populists.

Australia's former prime minister and the Work singer shared the spotlight in New York City on Saturday evening local time as part of the Global Citizen Festival. Their unlikely partnership is in aid of a new Global Citizen education initiative, which was officially launched at the concert after performances by Metallica, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Kendrick Lamar and Bill Nye.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) signed an agreement on Sunday to increase education and research exchanges and collaborations. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, UMB President Jay A. Perman, MD, and the university’s faculty met with counterparts from the Hebrew University to ratify the extension of a student exchange program which began in 2013 and to explore future collaborative opportunities.

The Philippines is quietly making arrangements through diplomatic channels for bilateral talks with China without any preconditions to discuss their competing claims in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea, Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said. The inadequately armed Philippine military cannot fight China in any battle and this is why President Duterte ordered the Navy not to conduct joint patrols in the South China Sea with the US; he said...joint patrols could be seen by China as a provocative act, making it more difficult to peacefully resolve territorial problems.