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Veteran foreign correspondent on his latest book, Spin Wars & Spy Games, exploring the geopolitics of global news networks.

China's media is increasingly broadcast around the world, yet the Asian country's state-controlled media is still regarded as lacking credibility compared to other international news organizations. [...] China expanded its media, Zhang adds, to improve its negative image propagated by the Western media.

Washington and Brussels are the heroes of the Ukrainian saga, if you believe the Western media. Russian President Vladimir Putin is cast as the Big Bad Russian Bear, US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are the Democratic A-Team.

Armed gunmen wearing military fatigues burst into the office of Roman Lazorenko in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk recently. They had a simple request for the local journalist. The men said they didn't want to be called separatists anymore, Lazorenko told the Guardian. They demanded that journalists instead refer to them as “supporters of federalization."

The week leading up to the anniversary saw an onslaught of headlines about Rwanda, declaring it a peaceful and forgiving nation, a modernized and tech-savvy pioneer, and an Africa-gone-right success story.