Nicholas J. Cull advises that contrary to President Trump's rhetoric, failure can be an asset in public diplomacy.

It has been an encouraging year for our partnership with Africa. Alongside our African partners, we have made significant progress advancing democracy, peace, and prosperity throughout the continent, though challenges, of course, remain.

Aside from the figures, the 2015 report also includes an analysis section. In it, ACPD makes more than 20 recommendations that are meant to iteratively strengthen and modernize public diplomacy and broadcasting strategy and tactics. The emphasis of the recommendations is on research and evaluation; supporting public diplomacy professionals; and how to keep American Spaces open and accessible.

The expansion of YALI programs over the past five years has allowed the United States to connect with more young Africans than ever before. To date, tens of thousands of young African men and women have increased their skills, professional networks, and resolve in driving positive change in Africa.