Prime Minister Khalid Bahah discussed on Tuesday with the U.S. ambassador to Yemen Matthew Tueller the priorities of cooperation relations between the two countries.

Witnesses to the fatal shootings last month of two Yemenis by American government officials said they saw a Western-looking man pull a gun from his belt and shoot both Yemenis dead during what appeared to be a kidnapping attempt at a barber shop.  Yemen has seen increasing numbers of attacks and kidnapping attempts on Westerners in the country, which isbattling a strengthening, Yemen-based branch of al Qaeda.

It's tempting in wartime to dehumanize your enemy, especially when that enemy is a militant who may have killed innocent women and children. But al-Qaeda militants have families, too. The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil just returned from Yemen, where she had access to a family that has produced three al-Qaeda militants, all brothers.

August 26, 2013

On Saturday, Yemeni artist and activist, Murad Sobay, launched the '12th Hour' campaign, a series of graffiti murals that will be displayed across the walls of the capital Sanaa to address 12 issues facing Yemenis today. Sobay, 25, said that while art was once thought to be religiously forbidden or 'haram', many Yemenis now join him in painting the walls of their capital. In the first hour, Sobay tackled gun ownership. According to 2012 figures, Yemen has the second highest rate of gun ownership in the world, with nearly 55 guns for every 100 Yemenis.

In case anyone needed reminding, the recent global terror alert illustrates that, 15 years after its first attacks on America, Al Qaeda is thriving. The coup in Egypt and the chaotic aftermath of the Arab awakening is only going to add more militants to this army of radicals. Failed revolutions and failing states are like incubators for the jihadists, a sort of Pandora’s Box of hostility and alienation.

The majority of youth from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen - countries that went through a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that began in December 2010 - feel disenfranchised from the political process in their country, a poll conducted by Al Jazeera Studies Centre has revealed. The study, published on Monday, also found that most of the 8,045 of women and men aged 17 to 31 surveyed from the four so-called "Arab Spring" nations, did not believe that their recently elected parliaments represented them.

A group of teens in Yemen’s capital taught themselves how to perform various styles of ‘street dance’ through videos they downloaded off the internet. Having no formal training or a place to rehearse, the group dances in various open spaces around Sanaa. The teens refer to their group as ‘Da TNT Crew’. Founded two years ago, the crew now has 13 members between the ages of 12 and 21. Ali al-Slami, one of the group’s founders said their goal was to blend modern and break dancing with traditional Yemeni culture.

Did you know Yemeni Kurds support Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s peace efforts with the Kurdistan Workers Party? The March 6 tweets from Yasin Aktay, a prominent pro-Justice and Development Party (AKP) pundit, say they do.