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NPR: Smart Bomb - Inside the Video Game Industry

Nov 14, 2005


Authors Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby were interviewed on NPR’s Talk of the Nation about their new book Smart Bomb: The Quest for Art, Entertainment and Big Bucks in the Video Game Revolution.  Their book is another rendition of the history of video games told from a cozy almost “in-world” feeling. The first chapter, which you can read on NPR’s website, starts off in a story book fashion from the world of E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo).  NPR Smart Bomb - Inside the Video Game Industry

On NPR, they spoke about how video games is media medium that is different from all other traditional media. They discuss its merits and how it has become the driving force in computer technology. They also discussed virtual worlds as a space for another aspect of our identity rather than a replacement and they stressed the opportunity to enjoy “real” experiences with other people around the world with massively multi-player online games. They also noted that as the industry continues to grow and the more emotive the technology becomes, games will provide even more enriching experiences.

If I could have gotten on air after my repeated redialing, I would have asked that in light of the already burgeoning intercultural interactions happening in online games, what are their comments on public diplomacy using video games as a tool presently and in the future?

I am ordering the book, looking forward to reading it and seeing how it compares to Steven Kent’s Ultimate History of Video Games


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