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Mount Fuji from Mount Kita via Wikimedia Commons

Japan turned historical negatives into positive examples through corrective measures and bold initiatives guided by social accountability and justice.

Image of a Turkish jet by Anadolu Agency

Türkiye’s recent humanitarian efforts reflect its public diplomacy priorities to build relationships and engage with foreign publics.

Soldiers marching in a row by Imprensa via Canva

The educational / training institutions abroad that welcome foreign military students could wield upon them a variety of influences.

The emblem Group of 20 or G20 presidency of the Republic of India via Wikimedia Commons

The 2023 G20 presidency is not only an achievement for India but also the Global South, writes Dr. Sneha Patel of Banaras Hindu University, India.

A hand holding a magnifying glass over a newspaper that has the word "culture" by fotosipsak via Canva

This article explores the potential of taking a cultural relations approach to supporting sustainable development.

Photo of Lalbag Fort, Dhaka, Bangladesh by Md Tanvir Mehadi Shovon via Canva

The nation branding campaign “Beautiful Bangladesh” conveys an image that is not in sync with the reality inside the country. 

Can artificial intelligence be a force for good in the practice of public diplomacy, despite the risks?  

A new CPD blog spotlights Portuguese intelligence and NATO as case studies in examining foreign influence on political affairs.



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