This program is designed to create a productive virtual space for research collaboration. At our discretion, CPD selects Contributing Scholars whose work closely aligns with our current research priorities. Appointments are for a renewable term of one year.

Senem Cevik
CPD Contributing Scholar
Rising Soft Power in Emerging Markets, 2015 - 2016
Giacomo Chiozza
CPD Contributing Scholar
Global Youth Project, 2014-15
Mai’a K. Davis Cross
CPD Contributing Scholar
European Public Diplomacy, 2013 - 2014
Falk Hartig
CPD Contributing Scholar
Post-doctoral Researcher, Goethe-University Frankfurt
Erik Nisbet
CPD Faculty Fellow
Northwestern University: Owen L. Coon Endowed Professor and Center for Communication & Public Policy Director
Lauren Rogers
CPD Blog Contributor
Damien Spry
CPD Contributing Scholar
Juyan Zhang
CPD Contributing Scholar
Faith Diplomacy Initiative, 2011-2014