CPD-SIF Southeast Asia Research Fellow Suzie Sudarman explores the complex relations between Indonesia and the U.S. since Indonesia's independence in 1948.

Citizen Diplomacy is the belief that all people have the right, even the responsibility, to engage in international relations through learning, listening, and building trusting relationships.

Public Diplomacy in Latin America: Scenarios and Realities

On March 6, 2024, CPD and the International Communication Association's Public Diplomacy Interest Group hosted a discussion on the landscape of PD in Latin America.

The real story of America’s long-standing effort to promote diversity and tolerance at home serves both as a cautionary tale of struggle, and a source of inspiration. 

Image of palm trees against the backdrop of a cityscape by Nodar Chernishev via Canva

California has made its case as an actor of local implementation and of global influence in achieving shared goals, writes Ana Dias of the University of Minho, Portugal.

Image of the book The World is Our Stage: The Rhetorical Presidency and the Cold War with blue background

Prasch's book on the rhetorical presidency and the Cold War is enjoyable and fresh in its approach, writes Nick Cull.

Group of spectators taking photos at the World Expo event by César Corona

CPD's César Corona analyzed the lessons the U.S. should learn from its failure to host the Expo 2027.

Soldiers marching in a row by Imprensa via Canva

The educational / training institutions abroad that welcome foreign military students could wield upon them a variety of influences.