Science Diplomacy (SD) leverages scientific collaboration to enhance a nation's global influence and promote international cooperation. 

Ireland has placed storytelling at the heart of its public diplomacy strategy. 

People shaking hands against a digital background, created via Canva

CPD Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Kristin Anabel Eggeling, discusses diplomacy amid digitalization and technological change.

Photo of the flags of the Western Balkan countries by Arman Fazlic via Canva

Heightened public diplomacy efforts from China, Türkiye, and Russia are significantly influencing regional dynamics in the Western Balkans, Europe's "powder keg."

Group of spectators taking photos at the World Expo event by César Corona

CPD's César Corona analyzed the lessons the U.S. should learn from its failure to host the Expo 2027.

A man pulls the red wooden peg doll out of the crowd by Dorin Tamas via Canva

Political dissent can disrupt public diplomacy of states but it can also function as public diplomacy in its own right.

A hand touching VR buttons about education by Funtap via Canva

CPD Blog contributors Jorge Marinho and Júlio Ventura discuss the situations of foreign influence, interference and espionage in higher education institutes and suggest countermeasures.

Black computer keyboard with research key and a globe by TheaDesign

Eranetization reinvigorates diplomacy studies concerning the European integration project and its enduring resonance in the European Southern Neighborhood.