Middle East

Image of a Turkish jet by Anadolu Agency

Türkiye’s recent humanitarian efforts reflect its public diplomacy priorities to build relationships and engage with foreign publics.

Türkiye has made gastrodiplomacy one of the most significant elements of its soft power and has been engaging in efforts to promote its cuisine with activities such as Turkish Cuisine Week.

American universities abroad can advance U.S. geopolitical interests, but must also appear disinterested to remain credible in their local contexts–a difficult needle to thread.

The 2020 Abraham Accords peace agreements became the heart of global interfaith diplomacy. This is how it happened. 

Amidst renewed political resolves, Iran and Saudi Arabia can leverage their epistemic communities to promote public diplomacy on ecological insecurities.

CPD student intern Sarah Schornstein reflects on her trip to Turkey and how the U.S. can learn from Turkey's history by acknowledging its own diverse past and common identity.

A football in a stadium with colors of the national flag of Qatar by FotografieLink via Canva

David Ellwood of Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna analyzes Qatar's public diplomacy strategies and soft power following the end of the 2022 World Cup.

image of globe, books and a laptop by brijith vijayan via canva

New materials demonstrate how the global landscape of American higher education affords advantages for public diplomacy.