Fulbright Call for Proposals to 2019 Annual Conference

The Fulbright Association is accepting public diplomacy-based proposals for its 2019 Annual Conference: "Connecting Minds and Hearts for Global Change" to be held October 24-26 in Washington, D.C.

Researchers at all levels are welcome to submit and need not be current Fulbright grantees or alumni. The Association includes a one-time annual membership ($70 value) as part of the conference registration fee for non-members; presenters must be or become a member to present.

"The Fulbright Program may be a flagship program for U.S. public diplomacy, but the empiricism on its execution and impact, here and abroad, is often anecdotal," explains the Fulbright Association website. "We want to complement powerful Fulbright stories—which we welcome to this conference—with rigorous frameworks for analysis and data-rich evidence.

The following are questions that the Fulbright Association aims to debate and explore:

  • What are some consequences of people-to-people exchange? How is that impact measured?
  • What current quantitative and qualitative research supports or refutes the essential role of public diplomacy? (Literature reviews are welcome.)
  • What direction/s should this literature take? What data should be gathered and how?
  • In what ways have Fulbright communities affected global change?
  • Are there systematic ways to explain the variance in how effective Fulbright and/or other public diplomacy efforts are?
  • How has technology and social media impacted public diplomacy?


Presenters may submit up to one proposal for each format:

  1. Themed session (submissions due June 10);
  2. Roundtable presentation (submissions due July 1); or
  3. Poster presentation. (submissions due July 1)


More information on how to submit a proposal to the Fulbright Association 2019 Annual Conference can be found here.


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