Jeju Forum Interview with CPD Director Jay Wang

During the 2018 Jeju Forum for Peace & Prosperity, Ms. Enna Park, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy for South Korea, sat down with CPD Director Jay Wang for a video interview about public diplomacy in the digital era, the evolution of the practice since its inception, the strength of U.S. public diplomacy, peace issues on the Korean peninsula and more. 

Wang cited enduring challenges—building and strengthening alliances in a digital and geopolitically evolving environment—as well as new challenges—combating disinformation and radical extremist messaging—as key foci of America's public diplomacy work.

"Public opinion matters increasingly in this digital environment, and public diplomats are better trained in both online and offline engagements," said Wang. "These days, re-skilling and up-skilling in these capacities is a constant need. There's quite a bit of investment in training and developing public diplomats for the future."

The full interview released by Arirang TV starting at 15:01 can be found here.

More information about the Jeju Forum is available here.


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