Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice

The second edition of Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice is now available. Edited by Keith Dinnie, this work explores the role of nation branding and image management for international governments including China, Cuba, Ghana, India and the United Arab Emirates. Updates to this edition include a range of new case studies, practitioner insights and academic perspectives from international scholars, diplomats and business professionals, as well as a companion website with downloadable resources to complement each chapter. The book is divided into four parts and features 10 chapters that offer an indepth look at the origins, obstacles and future of nation branding, and insight into soft power concepts.

Part I: Scope and Scale of Nation Branding 

1. The Relevance, Scope and Evolution of Nation Branding

2. Nation Brand Identity, Image and Positioning

3. Nation Brand Equity 

Part II: Conceptual Roots of Nation Branding 

4. Nation Branding and the Country-of-Origin Effect

5. Nation Branding and National Identity

6. From Country-of-Origin and National Identity to Nation Branding 

Part III: Ethical and Pragmatic Issues in Nation Branding 

7. Ethical Issues in Nation Branding

8. Pragmatic Challenges to the Nation Branding Concept 

Part IV: Current Practice and Future Horizons for Nation Branding 

9. Elements of Nation Branding Strategy

10. Future Horizons for Nation Branding

Photo by Paolo Margari | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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