New Report on Government Use of Facebook in Wake of COVID-19 Out Now

A new report, "World Leaders on Facebook," is out now from multinational communication and public relations firm Burson, Cohn & Wolfe’s Twiplomacy series examining how leaders, governments and international organizations use social media.

The report shows that COVID-19 has incited a spike in government-public interactions on Facebook as publics seek information and leadership as governments seek to give it to them. It states that as a result, “social media accounts of governments and world leaders have literally exploded,” and goes on to show that governments have in response been stepping up their levels of communication with their followings.

The report goes on to describe how world leaders have been using Facebook groups and events, such as the use of Facebook groups to provide citizens stuck abroad with information and content tailored for emotional support. The report also details the size of leaders' social media teams, the use of facebook advertisements, the most-liked world leaders, the breadth of leaders' connections, the differences between regional and national leader Facebook usage, levels of Facebook interactivity with leaders, and more.

The full article is available here.

Each year, Twiplomacy releases a full report of world leaders across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Read reports for 20192018 and 2017.


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