Pandemic Diplomacy: New Issue of The Foreign Service Journal

CPD Director and USC Master of Public Diplomacy Co-Director  Jay Wang opens his recent article in the Foreign Service Journal, Rethinking Public Diplomacy Diplomacy in the Post Pandemic World, with a staunch call to action: "In a fast-changing world with tensions and needs exacerbated by the pandemic, the practice of public diplomacy demands a swift reconfiguration." Wang goes on to provide insight of the transformative trends disrupting public diplomacy, which he argues include geopolitical and geoeconomic shifts, audience shifts, increasing populism, transforming public diplomacy platforms, broadened stakeholder communities, and the exacerbation of fault lines between peoples and cultures. These trends inform his recomendations for rethinking contemporary public diplomacy. The recommendations include:

  • Taking a network view
  • Integrating the digital and the physical
  • Expanding city diplomacy
  • Investing in PD reskilling & upskilling

The Foreign Service Journal is published by the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA).

The full issue can be viewed on the AFSA website here or in PDF format here.


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