Peace Communication Across National Borders

The conflict between India and Pakistan has been around for decades, but new methods of peace communication that transcend national borders may have the opportunity to change the course of this conflict in the future. 

A new article by Anup Kumar of Cleveland State University and Holli A. Semetko of Emory University explores the potential for citizen diplomacy and bottom-up communication "to result in peace dividends in the form of fostering civil communication in shared values, culture, and collective well-being."

They further go on to examine "how media flows across the Indo–Pak border potentially constitute social contexts for contact among ordinary people, which may bring about some incremental progress in the seemingly intractable conflict by fostering a fledging regional public sphere or peace constituencies for mutual understanding among ordinary Indians and Pakistani."

The full article, "Peace Communication in Cross-Border Media Flows," was published this month in the Journal of Communication. It can be found here.


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