A Peek Inside CPD's Film Diplomacy Vault

Ahead of the 88th annual Academy Awards show this Sunday, CPD is opening our own film diplomacy vault for a look back at the role of Hollywood, film and filmmakers in shaping global public opinion. Here are some highlights, for your consideration:

The Kids Are All White: Hollywood's Diversity Issue

Foreign audiences are more important than ever for Hollywood...so why are we still seeing all-white casts?

For Your Consideration: Ukraine

Oscar-nominated Winter on Fire is bringing international attention back to Ukraine.

Surprise! Hollywood Has a Public Diplomacy Hit

The Martian as a PD tool for the United States.


The Role of Film in Public Diplomacy 

An assessment from the world’s most prolific media hubs. 


Film Diplomacy in China 

China's role as a producer and consumer of movies is not to be overlooked. 


And a few more from the CPD Blog Archive:

Photo by Michael Barker Studio | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0



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