Punk Rock Diplomacy

In this video, filmmaker and founder of the Webby Awards, Tiffany Shlain, talks about her experiences with the U.S. State Department from the time she was a student ambassador in the Soviet Union to her more recent experiences with the American Film Showcase and the Virtual Cloud Filmmaking Salon doing crowd filmmaking to “foster understanding and tolerance around the world.”

Having been involved with a number of public diplomacy initiatives, Tiffany highlights the importance of bringing a human and public dimension into diplomacy, international relations, and policy making. She likes to refer to such activities as Punk Rock Diplomacy because they are raw and authentic. People-to-people exchanges can connect nations across borders on a human level with ideas, music, culture, and art, rather than just politics. 

Punk Rock Diplomacy | Ep. 2 | The Future Starts Here


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