Rebel PD in the Sahel

A new paper by CPD Faculty Fellow and Co-Editor in Chief of the The Hague Journal of Diplomacy Jan Melissen and Michèle Bos, both of Leiden University's Institute of Security and Global Affairs, examines the public diplomacy of rebel groups in Mali and their use of digital media to enhance communication efforts.

"This article highlights the need for paying more attention to non-state diplomacy in conflict situations outside the western world," share Melissen and Bos. "Our public diplomacy perspective helps convey the scope of rebel communications with external actors and provides insights for policymakers seeking to ascertain the nature, intentions and capacities of myriad rebel groups."

The piece, "Rebel Diplomacy and Digital Communication: Public Diplomacy in the Sahel," published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, can be found in full here.


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