Speaking Diplomacy

In April, the Indian Embassy in Beijing organized an event highlighting the value of the Hindi language in India-China relations. 

Hindi culture, such as Bollywood movies, attracts Chinese youth. In response, Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj spent time in China visiting Hindi language university professors and their Chinese students.

The event, dubbed a "language diplomacy" initiative, witnessed a unique scene of Chinese youth who greeted Swaraj in fluent Hindi.

"I chose Hindi as my major, and I want to not only study Hindi but also the culture of India," shared Gao Xirui, a Peking University student who attended the event. "[I want to] get to know the country and maybe improve the relationship between India and China."

Below is a video featuring this unique event. The original video can be found on China Global Television Network (CGTN)'s YouTube channel here.

Picture by Times Asi | CC BY 2.0

China, India 'language diplomacy' takes center stage ahead of Xi-Modi talks


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