Special Edition for the Edinburgh International Culture Summit

This year the acclaimed Edinburgh International Culture Summit (EICS), which annually attracts delegations from dozens of countries, will launch as Special Edition: The Transformational Power of Culture online starting Saturday, August 22, 2020 to convene global thought leadership on culture in the areas of education, social cohesion and building vibrant communities.

The wide-ranging discussions previously held at the Scottish Parliament will be hosted virtually in conjunction with a series of multimedia presentations and short films about the role of a vibrant cultural sector in sustaining resilient and open societies. Watch a video message here from EICS Foundation Director Sir Jonathan Mills AO on the announcement of the Special Edition.

After introductory films are released Saturday, three Special Edition webinars are scheduled:

Culture in Vibrant Communities
Monday, August 24, 9am (PST)
A discussion of how societies are managing the preservation of cultural space, policies and funding to ensure the survival of cultural markers and structures.

Culture and Education
Tuesday, August 25, 9am (PST)
A multidisciplinary approach to analyzing the value of culture as emerging scientific studies demonstrate its value in improving empathy, executive function and creativity.

Culture and Social Cohesion
Wednesday, August 26, 9am (PST)
A reflection on the role of art to inspire hope and healing in times of hardship and crisis, and how culture can tackle questions relating to inequality, displacement and prejudice.

With architects, philanthropists, scientists, Ministers of Culture and others from all over the globe, the Edinburgh International Culture Summit continues its holistic approach to sharing the power of cultural connections from the past, present and into the future.

For more information on the 2020 Edinburgh International Culture Summit, Special Edition, please click here.

Read an exclusive Q&A with Mills on CPD's website here. The festival director and composer shares his insights for championing creative expressions of culture that bring people together.


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