Summer Institute participants

State-of-the-Art Training at 2015 Summer Institute

Technology and globalization create an ever-changing communication environment that demands a dynamic approach to public diplomacy. For this reason, this year CPD has updated its Summer Institute training curriculum to explore key areas such as designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation frameworks relevant to public diplomacy campaigns; leveraging social/digital media tools and analytics effectively; crafting digital storytelling for multi-stakeholder collaboration and network-building strategies; and analyzing real cases in Russia and Eastern Europe to provide an understanding of challenges and strategies in the current public diplomacy landscape. 

How can leaders and change agents create more successful public diplomacy campaigns? Can the strategic use of digital communication increase the likelihood of success in public diplomacy implementation? If so, how is public diplomacy evaluated and what types of strategies are the most effective?

These are some of the questions to be explored at this year's CPD Summer Institute of Public Diplomacy, our rigorous, multi-disciplinary professional training program designed to enhance the global practice of public diplomacy, running from Sunday, July 5, through Friday, July 17.

For ten years, this Institute has served to equip mid-career professionals from governments around the world —including representatives of foreign affairs, defense, and national security ministries. As a site for professional diplomatic training, it stresses the important role of public diplomacy as a key mechanism to foster mutual trust and productive relationships among nations and articulates public diplomacy's crucial role in building a secure global environment.

CPD also offers professional training in DC and customized public diplomacy courses. For more information about these programs and other learning opportunities provided by CPD, please visit PD Hub today.


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