U.S. Announces Expo Milan 2015 Pavilion

With the World Expo set to begin early next month in Milan, Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President of the James Beard Foundation, announced the theme and thought process behind the U.S. pavilion: ‘American Food 2.0’ in this talk for TEDx Manhattan. Davis spoke about America’s changing food values and culture, the importance of food security and sustainability for the world’s global food system, and the unifying power of food to connect peoples, cultures and tastes across the globe. Beginning May 1, the city of Milan will host 147 nations, including the U.S., each of which will showcase pavilions and exhibitions on the theme: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” As Davis noted, the Milan Expo will be the “largest gathering on the subject of food in our world’s history,” and will celebrate both the world’s culinary diversity and creativity, as well as the agricultural innovations and multilateral partnerships needed to sustain and improve the health of the world’s 9 billion, and growing, inhabitants. 

American Food 2.0 Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 Announced | Mitchell Davis | TEDxManhattan


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