The Value of Trust

As the UK prepares to exit the European Union, the British Council has published a new report, "The Value of Trust," analyzing the dynamics of trust between nations and showcasing the links between UK cultural relations, positive perceptions of UK values, trust in the UK and future intentions to engage with the island.

The report is based on previous British Council research and surveys of more than 19,000 respondents in G20 countries.

Tom Cargill, Executive Director of the British Foreign Policy Group writes, "To trust someone does not always mean that you agree with them. But it certainly helps to share the same values. This report shows the strong association between those saying they believe that the UK supports important values and those saying that they trust the UK. Furthermore, it sets out which values are most important for the UK in earning that trust. They include the perceptions that the UK is open and welcoming, that it contributes to international aid, that it has an un-corrupt justice system, a free press and world-leading arts and culture."  

The report is published by the British Council and is available here.


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