What's "In the Works" for Guy Golan?

Guy J. Golan is an associate professor of public relations and public diplomacy at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. He is a former public affairs professional who worked on several international political campaigns. His research examines the complex interplay between governments, news organizations, non-governmental actors, and global public opinion. Golan is the founder of thepublicdiplomat.com, a student run website that produced nearly 70 podcasts all available on the website and on iTunes.

Golan’s public diplomacy research is mediated public diplomacy. More specifically, he examines the role that paid, earned, shared and owned media plays in mediating the relationship between governments and foreign publics. Claiming that the majority of foreign publics ultimately engage with governments via a mediated channel rather than first-hand experience, Golan’s Integrated Public Diplomacy model predicts that positive or neutral media coverage of nations and their foreign policy is a prerequisite for successful nation branding and relationship building. Last year, Golan co-edited International Public Relations & Public Diplomacy (Peter Lang) with Sung-Un Yang (Indiana) and Dennis F. Kinsey (Syracuse).

Recently, Golan’s research is focused on perceptions of Jihadist online recruitment and propaganda, its perceived influence on the general public, and the consequent government policy implications. You can follow Dr. Golan on Twitter at @GuyGolan as well as his website, The Public Diplomat, @Public_Diplomat.

Recent publications include:

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