Yin and Yank: Perceptions of China & the U.S.

In the June 2017 issue of Comparative European Politics, Soo Yeon Kim, Sophie Meunier, and Zsolt Nyiri examined European public opinion of China and the United States. The authors noted that "[p]erceptions of the United States in European public opinion greatly improved around 2008, while perceptions of China simultaneously deteriorated," leading them to wonder if the two were correlated. By studying the 2010 Transatlantic Trends survey, they were able to investigate the "yin and yank" hypothesis which theorized that European public opinion toward the U.S. and toward China were negatively related.

Their findings are available in the article "Yin and Yank? Public Opinion in Europe Toward the U.S. and China" which can be found here.

Photo by Silberfuchs | CC0


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