This two-part article sets out to demonstrate the potential for further development and implementation of corporate cultural diplomacy in Cyprus, given the island’s economic course in recent years and what appears to be the operation of a mechanism of adjustability and rapid self-recovery. Emphasis is placed on the connection between nation branding and corporate cultural diplomacy, public diplomacy, economic and digital diplomacy, forms that can cooperatively and systematically create important opportunities and possibilities for further growth and leverage, given Cyprus’s geopolitical position, while also taking into account the set of firms seated and active on the island. In addition, the article cites specific examples on which the executive and the legislative should focus in order to secure sustainability across a range of sectors required in an interdependent world and new globalization.

The latest issue of CPD Perspectives is an article by CPD Research Fellow Mafalda Dâmaso.

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Awareness of Asia's global standing since COVID-19 presents opportunities for public diplomacy through international cooperation and new rules of engagement.

March 30, 2020