Your Mobile Production Toolkit for Digital Storytelling

Wondering how to create compelling short videos for social media without hiring a film production crew? A quick, shareable gif that exemplifies your organization's mission or key messaging?

Look no further, because we're pleased to share a suite of mobile app recommendations that put quality digital storytelling within reach, courtesy Amara Aguilar and Vince Gonzales, both CPD Faculty Fellows and USC Annenberg faculty members who teach digital storytelling skills to mid-career public diplomacy professionals through our CPD Professional Training programs.

Here are their top selects for the digital storytelling tools that could live in your pocket:


  • GiphyCam (Android | iOS) - Record and stylize gifs directly within this user-friendly app.
  • Loopsie (Android | iOS) - Record living photos with motion effects.
  • Cinemagraph (iOS only) - Still photo with a moving element.
  • Giffer (iOS only) - Timelapse, slideshows, cinemagraphs and more.
  • GIF X (iOS only) - Gifs with effects.


  • Adobe Premiere Clip (Android | iOS) - Mobile video editor with built-in music options.
  • Quik (GoPro) (Android | iOS) - Mobile video editor with built-in music options.
  • Apple Clips (iOS only) - Add filters, in-app animated stickers and other extra elements to your video. Option to record 360-degree videos.​

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Spark Post (Android | iOS) - Create graphic design elements using templates. 
  • Ripl (Android | iOS) - Create slideshows, animations and other short videos.
  • Story Wave (iOS only) - Add animated text to videos, photos and music.


  • Anchor (Android | iOS) - Record, edit, share and host unlimited episodes of your podcast.
  • Audiogram (iOS only) - Record, edit and share your podcast with options to optimize for different social media platforms.


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