In the latest CPD Perspectives paper, titled "Practicing Successful Twitter Public Diplomacy: A model and case study of U.S. efforts in Venezuela," Erika Yepsen examines the role Twitter can play in public diplomacy, and how current policy needs to adapt to enable government to capitalize upon the benefits of the technology to engage effectively online.

But the crown prince and princess too are part of the soft power strategy of Spain. That was why they were in New York, part of a quiet tour of the U.S. northeast.... in the party in the Cervantes institute were a select audience susceptible to their brand of royalty: prominent leaders of the Hispanic community in the U.S., an audience well aware of their own historical links to Spain on various levels...

This is about growing Brazil’s soft power on the international scale and raising Brazil’s role in the world,” said Matthew Taylor, a Brazil specialist at the American University’s School of International Service. “Brazil is taking on a bigger role in the hemisphere in terms of aid and finance, and by helping out Cuba they really draw attention to this new role they are playing.”

Voice of Russia, Russia’s state-funded radio station, is taking a new approach to informing Americans: using American and Russian voices to broadcast international news from American soil. For the first time since its beginnings in 1929, Voice of Russia will broadcast to Americans...

Since 2008, under the leadership of the Obama Administration and direction of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the United States has actively advocated for a more networked society. The U.S. Department of State has coined this initiative, 21st Century Statecraft.

Stratford Summer Music Festival starts Monday at Lower Queen's Park with fireworks at dusk and 10th-anniversary music composed by former Stratford Shakespeare Festival music director Bertie Carriere..."It's a perfect example of cultural diplomacy," Miller commented...

In the midst of the current global tumult, I decided to take an afternoon’s break and escort my young children to the local movie theater to watch the new animated feature film Rio. As the first brightly colored 3-D computer-generated images flashed up on the screen, I felt assured of at least ninety minutes’ respite from the so-called real world.

June 13, 2011

Sherine B. Walton, Editor-in-Chief
Naomi Leight, Managing Editor
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