See our interactive map of the 2015 World Expo in Milan!

See our interactive map of the 2015 World Expo in Milan!

Check out our interactive digital map.

The United States has been the largest individual donor to mine action in Angola making it the third largest recipient of U.S. mine action support in the world -- totaling more than $110 million since 1993. Our extensive efforts have saved thousands of lives through the clearance of roads, contaminated land, and allowed for the safe return of families displaced by conflict.

In this two-month series produced by CPD, we examine how countries define, communicate, and manage their national identity at Expo Milan 2015.

Images from the Angola Pavilion at this year's World Expo in Milan.


The government of North Korea has rightfully gained a reputation in the West for isolation and obstinacy, but its diplomatic ventures in Africa have poised it to be significantly more influential on that continent than potentially anywhere else. 

The minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, said Wednesday that the presence of Angola at 56th edition of the International Venice Biennale of Art is crucial to a functional cultural diplomacy characterised by cultural exchange, debate and fruitful dialogue with counterparts across the world.