art diplomacy

The Council believes today’s photography can document, inspire and teach people about public diplomacy and its potential for positive change in our world. We support visual storytelling on critical human, economic, political, cultural, environmental and social issues.  We believe this exhibit has the potential reach a vast global audience through the direct participation of photographers and the artistic community...

From Daley Plaza, Chicagoans will be able to chat and share performances with people in other parts of the world, via a tricked-out shipping container. It's called Portals, a global art installation that's placed identical gold containers, outfitted with live-streaming technology, in cities around the world.

To promote cultural exchange between China and South Korea,  Korean Culture Day was held at the Korean Cultural Centre in Beijing on Wednesday. [...] As part of the activities, students from the Korea National University of Arts in South Korea, the Manhattan School of Music in New York and China's Central Conservatory of Music presented traditional Korean folk songs and classical Chinese music.

Under the "Adelaide Consensus" reached during the dialogue, both countries agreed to strengthen cultural diversity through the exchange of ideas, nurtured by constant exchanges and interaction. It was also agreed that Australia and China will commission an academic research piece on current activity in the cross cultural sphere, including exhibitions, films, arts and cultural festivals...

A Jewish-American businessman and the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem co-organized what they said was the first art show by Israelis ever to take place in the Balkan nation of Montenegro. [...] “Art is the universal language and it plays a unique role in bringing peoples and cultures together,” Emilfarb said in a statement about his reasons for bringing Israeli art to Montenegro.

Modern art by Arab artists will take over the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA) this November. [...] Given the political tensions in the region, the exhibition marks a significant moment of cultural diplomacy between Tehran and Sharjah. “Art is important in that it allows experiences to be shared, even across the boundaries of language or culture,” said the director of TMoCA

Cafe Theatre Festival, by Sebastiaan ter Burg

The Short+Sweet Theatre Festival shows what citizen diplomacy can achieve.

Silk today not only embodies the history of contact between the East-West, it is also a symbol of modernity and fashion. "Today, you'll find silk-made accessories and garments displayed in many high-end fashion stores in the US and Europe," Zhao said. "Which proves that silk is a welcome symbol in East-West cultural exchange."