Two towns separated by two continents have spent a weekend celebrating their rock-solid archaeological bond. Thetford and Nagawa, Japan have common ground in their historic use of flint and obsidian. Now representatives from Norfolk and Japan have commemorated the towns’ bond with the world’s first twinning of archaeological sites.

A yearlong digital training course for Irish high school teachers started in 2014. A fund to help European news outlets adapt to the web popped up in 2015. And in March, a virtual reality exhibition began at a Belgian museum to showcase a Renaissance painter. All these projects are aimed at supporting European culture and education, helping the region embrace the fast-changing online world. And all are financed by Google

The exhibition, Very Image, features the work of Taiwanese artists from Taipei-based artists’ collective VT Artsalon. Founded in 2009, the group positions itself as both a fostering ground for Taiwanese artists and an international connector with a view towards the global art stage, hosting a number of international exchanges and residencies.

An international touring group will bring one of the most traditional Korean love stories to life Sunday, July 17, on the Sunnyside High School stage. The performance of “Choon-Hyang,” a love story vaguely resembling “Romeo and Juliet,” will be performed by Theater Seoul, an English-language youth theater group whose members travel the world to sing and dance.

Italy is on show at the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro with two important exhibitions and exclusive coverage of the games by state broadcaster RAI. [...]  "We are faced with the double challenge transmitting the importance of representing ourselves to our country and communicating the culture of the Country system. It is essential that the public service broadcaster speaks to those who are interested in Italy," 

Moscow’s V-A-C Foundation—owned by Leonid Mikhelson, recently named Russia’s wealthiest man—will open a four-story exhibition space and artist residency at the Palazzo delle Zattere in Dorsoduro during the Venice Biennale vernissage. This will not, however, be an outpost devoted to the display of Russian art. [...] the V-A-C space will be defined by the opportunities it offers for collaborative production of new exhibitions and new work—by artists, curators, and visitors from across the geopolitical divides of the world.

President Richard Nixon’s historic 1972 trip to China is being remembered with an exhibit at South Coast Plaza that shows its historic importance and what it did to open the doors of cultural exchange between the countries. [...] The 2,300-square-foot multimedia exhibit features archival photos and videos of the 1972 trip to China, declassified documents, Nixon’s yellow writing pads and a video that tells the story of how Nixon was able to open communications with China.

He plans on working in partnership with the private sector in creating a geopark that encompasses a marine protected area. [...] there’s hope that it may be recognized as a global geopark by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). [...] Ly Son Island is considered a living museum for Hoang Sa artifacts. The museum displays more than 1,000 documents, photos, and artifacts associated with the heroic Hoang Sa and Truong Sa troops.