The Australian Embassy is expected to have several intern positions available in the agriculture, corporate, education, defense, and public diplomacy sections. The embassy is looking to enhance the Australia-Korea relationship.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. and the Shanghai Media Group Tuesday signed a long-term agreement that will see the two broadcasters' international channels share programming and news and provides for potential future co-productions.

An international forum has heard that Australia needs to broaden its cultural engagement with Asia - and not be so ready to judge events in neighbouring countries. Michael L'Estrange, the former head of Australia's Foreign Affairs department, called for a more honest approach to relations with Asia.

Visiting Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping was at the Australian National University (ANU) Tuesday, donating books to the university's new center on China education and research. He said the ANU has strong academic achievements on China study, which played a positive role in enhancing all-rounded understandings of China by all walks of life in Australia and promoting more cultural exchanges and cooperations between the two countries.

Before watching Australia’s first World Cup game against Germany, 240 Australian students gathered Sunday for a three-day conference to prepare them for conversations about Israel back home. StandWithUs International, a nonprofit Israeli organization, has joined with a series of Australian Jewish groups to give students facts that will better equip them to defend Israel on their campuses.

...there has also been a fresh awakening to the areas where Australia and Israel's interests overlap - and, just as importantly, where they diverge. The two countries, though friendly and democratic, are not automatically in sync. Recognising that actually bodes well for more mature ties in the future.

Australian Consul General Graeme Swift said, "...The performance will feature a large Australian presence, furthering strengthening people-to-people links between Australia and Vietnam and enhancing an understanding of Australian contemporary art."

More and more Australians view China's economic growth positively, but think that China will become a military threat to Australia within 20 years, a survey showed Monday.