It is 20 years since Gareth Evans stepped down as Australia’s most influential foreign minister, and one of the world’s most popular diplomats. Serving between 1988 and 1996, he helped imprint good international citizenry as a feature of the liberal global order, and left it as a lasting legacy for what defines a better world. [...] Evans, now the chancellor of the Australia National University, has remained faithful to the cause of good international citizenry despite the much changed and challenging global environment.

Under the "Adelaide Consensus" reached during the dialogue, both countries agreed to strengthen cultural diversity through the exchange of ideas, nurtured by constant exchanges and interaction. It was also agreed that Australia and China will commission an academic research piece on current activity in the cross cultural sphere, including exhibitions, films, arts and cultural festivals...

The conversation between Australia and our Asian neighbours is often one-sided [...] But the arts sector is developing a two way insight that has much more than just economic benefits. Delegates from across the Asia Pacific will gather in Adelaide this week to exchange information and ideas beneficial to the whole sector.

Australia's former prime minister and the Work singer shared the spotlight in New York City on Saturday evening local time as part of the Global Citizen Festival. Their unlikely partnership is in aid of a new Global Citizen education initiative, which was officially launched at the concert after performances by Metallica, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Kendrick Lamar and Bill Nye.

The Australian government’s Public Diplomacy Strategy points to the importance of “diaspora diplomacy”. It promises to take steps to “engage diaspora communities drawing on their linguistic skills, social networks and cultural community connections”, by making active use of “online and social media as public diplomacy tools”.

As India's economy has revived, its international trade and military posture around the world have grown. With the election of Narendra Modi, who has pursued an active foreign policy both within the South Asia region and around the world, India has emerged as an increasingly important player on the world stage. 

The ancient sitar instrument originally crossed cultural boundaries when it was used by The Beatles during the 1960s. Now, it’s hoped the instrument will again bring cultures and countries together, as part of an Indian exhibition featuring sitar soloist Shubhendra Rao.

Debate about China’s growing influence in Australia has become so heated within Chinese communities, they even have a nickname for those who put out government propaganda: “wu mao." The phrase translates as “50 cent” and is a reference to speculation that the Chinese government pays 50 cents for each pro-government post in the media.