Hundreds of visitors came to the exhibition from where they not only had a brief knowledge of the history of the diplomatic relationship between China and Bangladesh, but also felt the confidence that China and Bangladesh relations will have a bright future.

Zhang said acrobatics is one of the most popular recreations in China. He expressed his confidence the visit by the China National Acrobatics Troupe delegation will further promote the existing cultural cooperation between the two countries and China- Bangladesh relationship.

Ambassador of Bangladesh to USA, at a cultural show at the Bangladeshi Embassy in Washington DC in USA, said that culture could function as a powerful tool to connect people across borders. The event is a part of the Embassy's public diplomacy and outreach program to project Bangladesh's rich culture and heritage to wider audience in the USA.

Speaking at a forum on ‘Historical Links between Bangladesh and the Maldives’...Vice President Dr Waheed said the Maldives have many Bangladeshi workers and until now we have been focusing on their input to the economy. But, he said, both the countries should use them to appreciate the cultural and human dimensions of Bangladesh’s rich culture.

In a joint statement issued in Seoul yesterday following a summit held at president's office at Cheong Wa Dae, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Korean President Lee Myung-bak agreed to boost economic ties and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Bangladesh and South Korea have signed two agreements and two memoranda of understanding (MoUs) for strengthening economic and cultural cooperation between the two Asian nations...The agreements are on an economic development fund loan and a cultural exchange programme while the MoUs were on energy cooperation and environmental protection.