bilateral relations

The peoples of Ethiopia and Sudan are linked for centuries by historical, cultural, economical, social, and political ties. The two nations remained in communication even at critical political circumstances that were occurring between the countries.

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended a gathering of more than 3,000 Japanese visitors in Beijing Saturday to support people-to-people exchanges between the two nations. "The China-Japan friendship is rooted in the people, and the future of the bilateral relationship is in the hand of the people of the two countries," Xi said as he delivered a speech at the meeting at the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing.

As part of Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang’s official visit to Baku, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has been interviewed by a correspondent of Vietnam News Agency in Europe. 

The Sudanese Council for International People's Friendship (CIPF), Monday evening organised a celebration at the Oil Club to honour the visit of the Ethiopian public diplomacy delegation. The delegation is currently in the country led by the speaker of the Ethiopian parliament, Abadula Gemeda.The chairman of the agriculture committee of the national assembly, Habeb Makhatoum, the representative of the assembly's speaker, Dr. Al-Fatih Izz Eddin Mannsour, asserted during his address to the celebration the eternal and historical relations between the two countries.

An Ethiopian Public Diplomacy delegation is paying a one week-long visit to the neighbouring Sudan in order to bolster and further expand existing relations between the two countries.The delegation headed by the Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representative of the Ethiopian Parliament, Abadulla Gemeda, is holding discussions with senior government officials, business community, religious leaders and other members of the civil society in Sudan.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon be completing his first full year in office. While he has his critics, there tends to be broad agreement that Modi has done a robust job in the sphere of foreign policy. Modi’s approach has focused on economics, soft power, connectivity, and maritime security. Modi has been deft at using what Joseph Nye has dubbed “smart power” – the right blend of soft power and hard power.

Following China’s economic rise, the world is keeping watch over its system of government, and how it has successfully adapted to the international capitalist environment from socialism. China’s political development is thought to have far-reaching consequences for Korea in diplomacy, trade and people exchanges, as bilateral relations are deepening. 

The executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in the early hours of Wednesday morning present several tricky challenges for relations between Australia and Indonesia. The Australian government immediately announced it would recall its ambassador, Paul Grigson, and suspend ministerial visits. In a rare show of solidarity, the Labor Party and the Greens fully supported this. It is unclear at this stage if other actions might be taken.