bilateral relations

After capturing the hearts of Vietnamese audiences, South Korea continued to conquer the broader Vietnamese market. As of December 2014, South Korea has been Vietnam’s biggest investor, with US$37.23 billion of foreign direct investment in 4,110 projects throughout the country. 

February 14, 2015

Turkey's economic growth, global trade perspective and soft power capacity are its best assets for the expansion and deepening of Turkey's relations with Latin America. Already at home with new economic opportunities and cultural diversity, Turkey is exploring different possibilities to have stronger bilateral relations and regional cooperation.

This comes as part of Egypt’s penchant toward using all types of soft power on various levels in an attempt to regain its lost role in Africa and rectify the widespread perception on the popular level in all upstream countries that depicts Egypt as stealing Nile water.

Cultural exchanges are flourishing, with theater, classical and popular music groups, as well as dance troupes, bringing their art to audiences in both countries, and piano master-classes being held for young Israeli and Chinese children, further cementing the friendship.

For a brief moment after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election victory, there was optimism in both India and Pakistan. (...)Unfortunately, it has all been downhill since. 

Indian officials are scrambling to find a solution to a German language problem in Indian schools that is fast becoming a diplomatic problem with Germany. 

Implemented properly, a “new type of great power relations” could help the U.S. and China reframe their relationship.

Governments face a lack of resources to meet citizen demands and collective interests at home and abroad. This project is designed to expand efforts to evaluate current policy to engage with and invest in projects with diaspora organizations, aka “diaspora diplomacy.”