bilateral relations

On July 22, Assistant Secretary Stock will meet with Indonesian students and faculty at Bali State Polytechnic, where she will discuss opportunities for study in the United States. Through the Comprehensive Partnership, the Department of State supports increased engagement with U.S. community colleges.

The potency of mangoes — and their — mythical reputation in Pakistan and many other parts of South Asia, was brought home to me last week when, as it does most years, the Pakistani embassy in Brussels held a ‘mango extravaganza’ in a prestigious local hotel whose chef has finessed the art of turning mangoes into pieces of culinary magic.

With rising Sinophobia and calls for an anti-China boycott, the Philippines has openly spurned China's earlier soft power, trade and investment-oriented advances. Whether those sentiments materialize into concrete anti-China policies and actions is unclear.

Such contacts also "prepare the grounds for taking the existing opportunities and potential and activated capacities in the relations between the two big countries of Iran and India and widening mutual understanding between the two nations," he added.

Clegg’s visit was part of what British officials described as a “year-long charm offensive”. In this, he was successful, becoming the first British politician to address the Mexican senate, which he did in Spanish. He went on to ha{il} a new “axis of openness” and renewed ‘multilateral liberal interventionism’ in international affairs.

India and New Zealand have decided to establish a joint education council to carry forward the education cooperation between the two countries. Both the countries have already signed an Education Exchange Programme during Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal's visit to New Zealand.

''Festival of India, a two-month long extravaganza exploring Indian culture, has been launched here with a performance by fusion musician Abhijit Pohankar and local group Medumo. The Festival is part of the South Africa-India Programme for Cultural Co-operation which the two countries were committed to during the SA-India Joint Ministerial Meeting which was held in India in March 2011.

China on Monday pledged to promote peace and stability in west Asia and north Africa as a delegation of Saudi Arabian lawmakers visit. Premier Wen called on the two sides to conduct closer high-level contacts, support each other's core interest and major concerns...enhance cultural exchanges and coordination in international organizations and mechanisms such UN and the G20.