“The Baking Show” doesn’t just present a static, zombie image of an ideal Britain that can never exist. It defines the nation in a dynamic, living way. [...] For instance, it can provide the nation with its first genuine hijab-wearing celebrity — no small thing in a year where the dominant narrative throughout the West has been the increasing marginalization of Muslims from public life.

October 22, 2015

Elaine Mahon, a doctoral student at the Dublin Institute of Technology, has published a new article. Her piece, "'Ireland on a Plate’: Curating the 2011 State Banquet for Queen Elizabeth II," appeared in Volume 18, Issue 4 of the M/C Journal of Media and Culture. The piece, which is part of a larger research project into Irish gastronomy and gastrodiplomacy, explores the notion of “diplomatic dining” at the 2011 state banquet.

Emma Thompson

On the pros and cons of celebrity ambassadors.

Aylan Sand Sculpture

Di Wu explains how a photograph moved people to move their governments. 

In a speech delivered at the reception he hosted late on Sept. 10, British Ambassador Richard Moore emphasized his belief in the value of educational and cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and Turkey in helping create the conditions for success in business and diplomacy, and the important role of the British Council over the past 75 years in building trust and understanding between the two countries.