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What makes or breaks relationships between stakeholders in public-private partnerships.

By building ever larger institutions, non-profits, regional religious federations, and promoting cooperation between the democracies of the West, you can (and you must) model a new form of Muslim unity, one which enables Muslims to pool their resources without setting them at odds with each other, or holding one another hostage to mutually exclusive claims. That can be your answer, your way forward, your way of empowering your community, and your country.

Mike Griffin and Anthony Shields of Minneapolis-based Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) are two of 20 national candidates selected by the relatively new exchange program to teach grassroots organizing to marginalized communities in east Europe.

PD News headlines look back at news coverage on the COP21 climate change conference. 

The Belarusian-Russian twin-town relations create a unique environment for productive trade and economic cooperation and the development of public diplomacy as well as make up a spiritual component part of the brotherhood of the two nations, [...] public organization Twinned Towns Boris Batura said at the 8th meeting of Belarusian and Russian twin towns in Podolsk on 27 November, BelTA informs.

November 20, 2015

KP Oli should realise by now that flirting with Chinese oil diplomacy is not in Nepal’s long term interest either. Our public diplomacy has been even more disastrous. Instead of asking the Indians to #Backoff or cribbing against #IndiablockadesNepal, had the media and civil society collectively pressured government to reach out to the dissenting groups while opening diplomatic channels with New Delhi things would not have deteriorated to this extent.