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As the world’s largest democracy, India has the power to set the standard for its own development through using its greatest asset: human capital....

This a limit of China's projection of soft power, and maybe this is 'Chinese characteristics'. But in my view, the experiences of others show that you project your soft power not by the government, but mainly by civil society organisations.

On the sidelines of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Ernest Wilson, dean of the innovative Annenberg School of Communications at USC, speaks... about the West Coast view of foreign policy, putting civil society at the center of public diplomacy, and how to properly teach and practice the art of communications internationally.

APDS Blogger: Emina Vukic

Baku, Fineko/ II Forum "Public diplomacy" of the member states of the Islamic Conference (OIC) held at the initiative of the Turkish-Asian Centre for Strategic Studies (TASAM) on 30-31 March in Istanbul.

What Eastern European intellectuals and civic actors understood by civil society was not just the 18th-century concept of the rule of law, but also the notion of horizontal self-organized groups and institutions in the public sphere that could limit the power of the state by constructing a democratic space separate from state and its ideological institutions.