cuba-us relations

July 4, 2018

Trailer for "Give me Future," a film documenting Diplo's unprecedented electronic music diplomacy in Havana, Cuba.

Havana, Cuba
March 6, 2017

Markos Kounalakis argues that Cuba played an important and overlooked role in the 2016 presidential election.

Showcasing the public diplomacy behind U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Cuba. 

The Daiquiri King competition at La Floridita opens to international competitors marking the first time an American competitor competes. 

"Going forward, the United States will reestablish an embassy in Havana," President Obama said. Two weeks after the U.S. removed Cuba from the state-sponsored terrorism list, a flagpole was put up in front of the Cuban Interests Section — which will probably be upgraded to the Cuban Embassy — in Washington, D.C. The State Department defines an embassy as "the nerve center for a country's diplomatic affairs within the borders of another nation." 

Barack Obama and Raul Castro shook hands last night in an historic manifestation of thawing animosity between the US and Cuba after more than 50 years. The two presidents met at the Summit of the Americas. Obama and Castro will meet again today to talk about renewing diplomatic ties after they were severed 54 years ago after the 1959 revolution led by the Cuban leader and his brother Fidel.

NPR's wide-ranging interview with President Obama covers recent executive actions on Cuba and immigration, race relations in the U.S., health care, the midterm elections and extending democracy in the Middle East.