Commentators have largely overlooked the important role Latin American diplomacy played in pushing Washington to change its fifty-six-year-old policy. This is a mistake, because Latin America’s role in influencing U.S.-Cuban relations holds larger implications for how the United States views diplomatic opposition from Latin America and elsewhere. 

The embassy itself, an acclaimed example of midcentury modern architecture, has been rotting for just as long. In a sense, it’s a beautifully tragic metaphor for the arc of post-war American history. [...] Completed in 1953, the subtly imposing structure implied a sense of American superiority as the Space Race took off and the Cold War heated up. 

Cuba’s Los Van Van are a force in their home country. And the ensemble is prepping for its fifth tour in the United States. [...] In addition to the Los Van Van concert, a Cuban film series has been airing at the NHCC.

As US Secretary of State, John Kerry, reopens the American embassy in Havana, Will Grant reports on how skateboards are being used to establish bonds between the old enemies. NGO Cuba Skate is helping to strengthen that bond through skateboard diplomacy. 

It’s not an abstract question. The Obama administration’s decision to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba is banked on the belief that the United States can do more to encourage change on the island through a soft-power strategy of “engagement.” And a big part of that, in Cuba, means figuring out how to change the profile of U.S. diplomacy — and throw a good party again.

The Daiquiri King competition at La Floridita opens to international competitors marking the first time an American competitor competes. 

In the case of Cuba, engagement has begun through public diplomacy, but it neither ends nor even reaches its highest potential there. In this new business environment, corporate organizations entering the Cuban market will understandably be focused on business opportunities. But a larger, longer opportunity also awaits -- if we have the patience to build it.

U.S.-Cuba relations open a new chapter

With the reopening of US-Cuban embassies, R.S. Zaharna looks at Cuban medical diplomacy